[Amuseway] Smart X-bike Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike with LCD Display Android

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[Amuseway] Smart X-bike Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike with LCD Display Android

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5 level height adjustment: Height adjustment bolt allows to easily adjust the height.
Biking pedal: The pedal can be adjusted to fit each individual's feet size.
Folding fixing pin: The fixing pin can be used when using or storing the X-Bike.
Rolling wheel: Use the rolling wheel to move the X-Bike to store the product when not in use.
10 level difficulty adjustment: Enjoy the X-Bike with many difficulty levels that can suit all users!


Smart X-Bike Smart X-Bike is not just a bike! There are various contents that can be connected to the user's Android smart device! Have fun exercising with Joywell app as well as receiving a well-organized health care. Joywell app, which can be connected to Smart X-Bike, combines indoor exercise with fun contents to make exercising fun and exciting. Enjoy the healthy fun during busy routine without facing the limits of space or weather. All contents only work when the pedal starts moving. The game contents can be played using a joystick. Continuously update and add contents to satisfy the user's demands. Smart X-Bike is a product that can be used after installing "Joywell" application on Android based smart device. Please check if the smart device is compatible by following these steps before purchasing the product.www.amuseway.com> CUSTOMER CARE> Smart X-Bike > Service support (Compatible devices) * If the JOYWELL App can be installed on Google Play Store, then it means that the device is compatible. How to connect to bluetooth on Android device (Pairing) Click on the power button below the LCD monitor to turn on the X-Bike. Search for "JOYWELL_BIKE" on Bluetooth and connect. Open Joywell app and check if the connection ring on the upper right hand corner is blue. If it is, then it means that it has been successfully connected. The specifications and functions of Smart X-Bike Product name: Smart X-Bike (S1) Size and weight: 1185mm x 400mm x 880mm / 16.4kg Color: White-Purple Material: Steel Frame+ P.P Product includes: Smart X-Bike + Product assemble tool + Batteries + Product warranty Manufactured date: January 2017 Product details: The user must be under 100kg (220 lbs)

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