[FineRobotics] Dust Care Bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner w/ Mop and Water Tank

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[FineRobotics] Dust Care Bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner w/ Mop and Water Tank

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The differentiated functions of i'Sense The automatic wireless mode: All you have to do is to attach the mop and operate! It applies the optimal algorithms to clean broader areas quickly, which relieves the stress and burden. (Cleans 95% of 2m x 2m space in 15 minutes)
High speed spin: 200 times at maximum per minute Stay much clean and soft with its amazing speed! It raised the quality of mop cleaning by improving the adherence and operating ability.
Corner cleaning mode: This Dust Care Bot is equipped with artificial intelligence sensor so when seeing a wall or an obstacle, it switches to corner cleaning mode. Then the cleaning robot moves along the wall and perfectly cleans the hidden dust.
Concentrated cleaning mode: Cleans the dirtier areas more thoroughly! The dirtier areas that need cleaning can be cleaned with this cleaning mode. (Can choose either star or tornado as the direction of movement with the remote control)
Comes with remote control: Much more convenient with the remote! The remote control is a touch remote control that can be held with one hand and the Dust Care Bot can be operated easily and conveniently anywhere with just a single button.


i'Sense Dust Care Bot Product name: i'Sense Dust Care Bot (HC 200) Product dimensions: Diameter 260mm x Height 126mm (Including the bucket) Weight: About 1.7kg (3.7 lbs) Maximum speed: About 30cm/sec Battery: LiFePO4 Charging time: About 2 hours Usage time: More than 90 minutes (It can vary depending on the type of the floor) IR Remote Control Product name (Model number): HAF-HC000BK Product dimensions: Length 120mm x Height 23mm x Breadth 50mm Weight: About 44g (Without the batteries) Battery: 2 AAA batteries Signal length: About 5m

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