[Focus-on] Concentration Enhancing Eyeglasses Side shield Side Blindfold X-TEN (PP type)

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[Focus-on] Concentration Enhancing Eyeglasses Side shield Side Blindfold X-TEN (PP type)

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3 kinds of side blindfolder, wearable according to study circumstances and shapes of glasses frame.
Tongs with gel pads fix the blindfolder and make it possible to attach and detach from glasses frame.
Made of PP material, it does not break easily.

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* X-TEN prevents distracting visions from learners so that they can have emotional stability to increase concentration. * Simply use sideshield attached to your glasses when you want to prevent distracting visions and concentrate on your study or work in the libraries or open spaces. * There are 3 types of shields with different sizes and shapes and you can make a choice depending on your working conditions and the frame of your glasses. * The grip has a gel pad that fix the shield to the glasses. It remains adhesive for hours and therefore it can be easily stuck to and detached from the plate for several times. * Product Package : 3 Sets of Shields + 1 Set of Grips *Caution 1.Prohibit wearing while walking or driving 2.Not adaptable to glasses that have temples slimmer than 1mm or thicker than 5mm. Glasses with unusual frame shape need be checked. 3.According to individual variation, concentration effect can be slight or ineffective.

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