[Geumsanmall] ACHIMMADANG Korean RED GINSENG Extract, Tea, 240 gram, Pack of 2

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[Geumsanmall] ACHIMMADANG Korean RED GINSENG Extract, Tea, 240 gram, Pack of 2

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• A Red ginseng extract is a liquid tea concentrated by an excellent manufacturing technology
• It contains enriched and infused active ingredients from Korean Red Ginseng with low temperature and in sanitary facility
• It helps to enjoy deep taste and flavor of Red Ginseng
• Detaining the rich flavor of ginseng and their active components at an optimal level
• It can be helpful for antioxidation, blood circulation and physical performance


About The Product Red ginseng extract is normally served as a warm or cold tea. Take 1 spoon (over than 1g) or mix Red Ginseng extract with water and drink 2~3 times a day. For people who are allergic or idiosyncrasy, please check the ingredients. Once you opened it, please close the lid and store in refrigerators, because it can be spoiled. Supplement purpose: Boosting immune system, blood health and natural defense. Suggested use: Adult can take 1g per serving, up to 3 times a day. Children 3-15 years can take half the adult serving. Ingredients and Contents: Red ginseng concentrate 5.3% (red ginseng extract 70mg/g, solid more than 60%) Vegetable mixture concentrate {the root of an arrowroot mulberry leaves, angelica roots, cnidium, milk vetch roots, baekbongnyeong, peony, Atractylodes ovata, Ganderma Lucidum, schizandra, Big blue lilyturf, Chinese matrimony vine, acanthopanax concentrate/solid more than 60%} Special Features: Improve athletic endurance Promotes sexual health Supports memory and mental health Improve mental and physical performance Increase in stamina Specifications: Concentrated Ginseng root Flavor: Red Ginseng Size: 240 gram Package included: 2 X 240 gram Red Ginseng Extract

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