[TEAZEN] Korean Iced Organic Green Tea bags, Cool Matcha 48g

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[TEAZEN] Korean Iced Organic Green Tea bags, Cool Matcha 48g

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Great tea for everyone to Shore and enjoy
Simply pour hot water and enjoy high quality tea
Unique korean tea, perfect gift for tea lovers and well matched for happy moment
Maum tea is innovative design tea which allows you enjoy blending tea conveniently
Enjoy the convenience of non-slipping tea bag with various characters


About the Product: Catechin prevent for the enzyme to be activated. The lipid is dissolved by enzyme and absorbed to the body. But green tea's catechin prevent it by repress enzyme activation. And the carbohydrate is accumulated when it is not burned and remained in the body. That carbohydrate become lipid and is accumulated bit by bit. Catechin help for the remained energy source not to be compounded to lipid by repressing enzyme activation. Anti-aging Tannin, Vitamin C 5 times than lemon, Vitamin P(Bioflavonoid) disturb cell oxidation so that they help anti-aging, and prevents the adult-disease, cancer. Theanine, a kind of amino acid, which is contained in only green tea makes body to be relaxed and felt comfortable because of it's specific nervous calmness effect. Direction: 1) Put one tea bag into cup of hot water (120 ml) and brew for 2-3 minutes. 2) Adjust the water level according to your taste. Ingredients: Organic green tea 92% Organic malcha 8% SolomonĀ“s seal Special Features: Korean tea High quality Non-slipping bag Convenient to drink Good taste Specifications: Brand: TEAZEN Model: Maum Size: 48 gram Package included: 40 x 1.2 gram tea bags

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