[Hulock]Airtight Food Storage Vacuum Containers, Round, Rectangular, Vacuum Pump

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[Hulock]Airtight Food Storage Vacuum Containers, Round, Rectangular, Vacuum Pump

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It is highly effective in keeping the food fresh.
BPA free, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Hand vacuum pump included
Comes in 6 Pieces Containers with + Vacuum Pump
The silicone packing on the lid can be attached and detached, making it easy to wash. As a result, it is possible to use the container in much more safe and sanitary ways.


Hulock Airtight Container- The life science that takes airtight container to a whole new level Keep the food fresh and safe! Hulock airtight container not only blocks the air but eliminate the air in the container that has germs. Experience Hulock's vacuum airtight technology, which is a standard for fresh food and has received patent in the United States! [Package Included] - Rectangular(3 Pieces) : 350ml (135mm*55mm*95mm) +800ml (155mm*70mm*115mm) + 1,250ml (180mm*90mm*140mm) - Round(3 Pieces) : 300ml (105mm*55mm) + 600ml (135mm*70mm) + 1,000ml (160mm*90mm) - Vacuum Pump [About the product] Used vacuum sealed type cover and container: Its ability to maintain freshness is twice as high compared to already existing 4-sided container and is easy to close tight. Used SAN, a environmentally friendly material (Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymers): SAN is a BPA free material and has the safety of a plastic and clean and environmentally friendly characteristics of a glass as its advantage. (As for PC, which is used in already existing containers, a Endocrine Disruptor has been found in BPA material which is known to be used when shaping containers) * Currently, the material is quickly being replaced to SAN, a BPA free material. [How to use] It is recommended that food occupy no more than 85% of the container. Match the check valve hole located on top of the lid with the vacuum pump and press about 3 to 5 times up and down. Store the container that is in a vacuum condition either in a refrigerator or at a room temperature. [How to devacuumize] Hold the check valve and pull until it is separated. Match and insert the check valve into a hole and press with hand. TIP) Putting a little bit of cooking oil on the inserting part of a check valve will make it easier to insert into a hole.

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