[MSTechnologies] Disk Jack N Simple design Neck Shoulder Support

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[MSTechnologies] Disk Jack N Simple design Neck Shoulder Support

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• Simple design - The air pump can be separated, design is refined and comes in various sizes and colors.
• Excellent effect - It is equipped with an air pocket in the middle, maximizing the neck lifting effect by holding the top and bottom firmly.
• Comfortable fit - It can be worn easily anytime, anywhere and it is easy to move around.

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How to use Check if there are any foreign substances in the product, put it on while there is no air in it and use the belcro to tighten it up. Attach the tongs to the product and stick the nozzle to the product. Use the air pump and slowly put the air in. When finished, separate the nozzle by detaching the tongs from the product. There is no need to block the air hole as it is blocked automatically, so the air does not leak. *How to use a hot pack (When warm massaging) Use boiled water: Heat for about 5~6 minutes in a boiled water. Warning -For people with high blood pressure, heart diseases, cerebral blood diseases patient and Hyperhidrosis patient should consult a physician before using. -People with temporomandibular joint disorder(Jaw disorder), people who are currently getting dental treatment, patients who ruptured their neck ligament or broke cervical vertebrae should not use the product. -If an abnormal body reactions occur, stop using the product immediately and consult the doctor.

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