[O'BLISS] ECOJOY WoodBall Reed Diffuser, Fragrant Highest Quality, Clean Linnen

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[O'BLISS] ECOJOY WoodBall Reed Diffuser, Fragrant Highest Quality, Clean Linnen

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• Beautiful 100ml glass container goes well with everywhere like desks, office desks, table, bathrooms
• Have 3 benefits of interior effect with 5 unique round wooden ball sticks, deodorization, and aroma therapy
• Using premium flavoring of perfume level, conducts WoodBall therapy air freshner and deodorization function
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No hassles and headaches
• Wooden stick and classic glass container is good for interior piece


About the Product: Fragrant elegance and highest quality Can enjoy for about 3 months (Can be different +/- 30 days according to temperature or environment.) Design of double-sided tape for dashboards can be different. Expiration date: Unopened product can be stored for about 3 years at room temperature Be careful not to be cut when open it It can adjust intensity of scent by the number of sticks Windingness of sticks is the feature of natural wood and it is normal Control fragrance intensity by the number of reeds used and the frequency of flipping the reeds Ingredients: •Vegetable ethanol(flavoring) •Fragrance oil Specifications: •Flavour: Clean Linnen •Type: WoodBall •Size: 100 ml •Pack includes 1 piece

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