[PURECOSLAB] CELLNCO Boto Line 24K Gold & Peptide Ampoule

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[PURECOSLAB] CELLNCO Boto Line 24K Gold & Peptide Ampoule

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Powerful moisturizing ingredients makes the skin stay moist all day. The minerals such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and Himanthalia Elongata and more help the skin to continuosly maintain moisture and softness by supplying moisture and forming a defense wall on the dry skin.
Anti-pollution Although it is not visible to the eyes, our skin is currently being attacked by many tiny dust and polluted air. CELLNCO Boto Line solution uses 21 natural extracts to provide protection against the damage caused by harmful environment.
Omitted ingredients CELLNCO Boto Line ampoule does not use ingredients such as artificial coloring, paraben and mineral oil, which are known as ingredients that are harmful to the skin.
CELLNCO BOTO LINE Vitamin Solution Radiant Whitening Ampoule The vitamin care for shining skin: Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Niacinamide changes the dark skin into a bright and shining skin.
Contains natural whitening ingredients The 21 natural ingredients from nature that are good for the skin and natural whitening ingredients has excellent effect in restraining the growth of darkened spots on the skin, freckles and dots and more by controlling the melanin


CELLNCO Boto Line The premium nutrition ampoule for tired, sagging and worn out skin CELLNCO will bring amazing changes 30 days later. Soothes the skin, supplies nutrition, improves wrinkles, reproduces the skin, helps with whitening Caution Please stop using if showing following symptoms after using the product. Keep using the product will worsen the symptoms so please consult the dermatologist. When having red dots, swelling, itching and irritation When the applied area shows the above symptoms when exposed to direct sunlight The product must not be used on areas with wound, eczema and dermatitis. Storage and care instructions The lid must be closed after use Store in an area that is out of reach of children Do not store in an area that is high/low temperature, or exposed to direct sunlight.

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