[WORLDHUMANTEC] Multi-fucntional Portable Self-defense Security Pepper Spray

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[WORLDHUMANTEC] Multi-fucntional Portable Self-defense Security Pepper Spray

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Self-defense pepper gun: Please do not compare with most self-defense pepper sprays! It is the most powerful pepper gun with powerful pressurized shooting, having the shooting distance of 6 meters.
Night aim search light It is used as a leisure tool in daily lives. However in times of danger, it offers protection even during the night with the function that aims right at the target!!
Self-defense alarm Just tilt downwards slightly instead of screaming! A powerful 130db alarm will let others know of the danger!!! When operating the alarm in times of danger, a powerful 130db alarm will send the signal to up to 50 meters.
Automatic SOS alarm sensor (Only for MAGMA S) Protect women who are living alone from the attack of weird guys and keeps the user safe from the theft that can happen while travelling.
Powerful tear liquid Even a single drop will knock out the opponent. Its power can suppress the criminal immediately.


MAGMA, which is a multi self-defense device acknowledged by the world, not only serves to prevent and stop crime but it is also a smart self-defense device that has leisure functions that can be used in daily lives. MAGMA self-defense device is a portable personal protector system to protect the lives of people and their assets. MAGMA S / S2 (Advanced, equipped with crime prevention sensor) Self-defense tear gas gun Personal security alarm LED Zoom light Theft alarm Security alarm MAGMA S/S2 set includes: Self-defense device + Tear gas + Test gas + Leather case (Waist belt type) + Pouch + Hard case + Instructions (Product guarantee) + Packaging + Battery + Hanger ring + Pressurized rubber

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